Treatment for Gum Injuries

If you have a gum injury, including soft tissue damage, bleeding or an abscessed tooth, contact Dr. Jose Arauz and his professional team at the Eastern Carolina Robotic Dental Implant Center for gum grafting in Jacksonville, NC, or other treatment options.

Infection (Periodontal Abscess)

An abscess, or gum infection, is sacs filled with pus that forms on the gum line or between the teeth. These pus sacs can cause moderate to severe pain and often require immediate attention. Some symptoms include:

  • Tenderness of the face or swollen gums
  • A throbbing headache or toothache
  • Strange taste in the mouth
  • Low-to-high grade fever

If you have any of these symptoms or believe you have a periodontal abscess, contact Dr. Arauz in Jacksonville, NC to discuss gum grafting or other available treatment options.

Soft Tissue Damage

Although your gums can withstand regular brushing and flossing, they’re not as adept at withstanding other injuries or infections since they’re sensitive and soft. If you have an accident and get hit in the mouth, your gums can easily get cut and start bleeding.

Foreign Bodies

Objects from food can easily get lodged in your gums. If you eat popcorn, you probably know the feeling of getting hulls lodged between your teeth. Well, those hulls can get lodged between your gums. In most cases, flossing will remove the objects. However, some objects can go deeper into the gums causing long-term problems.

Gum Grafts as a Treatment Option

A gum graft is when a periodontist carefully places new tissue in the gums where no issue currently exists. Although it may sound like a complicated procedure, Dr. Arauz and other periodontists routinely perform gum grafts.

Gum grafts help prevent receding gums and cover any exposed roots of your teeth. The new soft tissue usually comes from the roof of your mouth, and Dr. Arauz will numb the affected gum area to prevent excessive pain or discomfort.

If you would like to learn more about treatment options for gum injuries, such as gum grafting in Jacksonville, NC., call (910)-577-1315 and speak with Dr. Arauz or his staff at the Eastern Carolina Robotic Dental Implant Center.

Treatment for Gum Injuries