Jacksonville periodontist performs surgeries, procedures using FDA-cleared robot

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Patients of Dr. Jose Arauz, a Jacksonville periodontist and founder of Carolina Dental Specialty Center, are giving high praises for their dentist as his practice becomes one of the few in the country to use Yomi, the only FDA-cleared robot-assisted dental surgery system in the country.

Acquiring the technology in February of 2020, Arauz has utilized the Yomi robotic system on 123 dental surgeries — including 188 dental implants installed — that allows his patients to experience less discomfort and faster recovery times compared to traditional dental implant surgery.

“This technology is reshaping the landscape of how we are able to perform dental implant procedures and is drastically improving the recovery process for our patients,” said Arauz, a board-certified periodontist who has been practicing dentistry in Jacksonville since 2007. “It provides a level of stability and accuracy that you just can’t get by hand. This means we can make smaller, more accurate incisions without the need for sutures, which are typically required when performing these procedures manually.”

According to Carolina Dental Specialty Center, their practice is the first and only in eastern North Carolina to use Yomi.

Developed by Neocis, Inc. in Miami, Florida in 2009, Yomi provides support in both the planning and surgical phases of dental implantation surgery. The robotic dental system includes software that allows Arauz to preoperatively plan procedures and provides navigational guidance of the surgical instruments.

During procedures, the system offers precise and accurate physical guidance through haptic robotic technology, which constrains the drill in position, orientation, and depth. This level of automated assistance provides Arauz with complete control and allows for clear visualization of the surgical site.

Ann Beacham, a patient of Arauz who has undergone a dental implant and bone graft at Carolina Dental Specialty Center, was blown away by the high-tech planning and execution that goes into Arauz’s procedures.

“One thing that was impressive to me about Dr. Arauz was his technology,” said Beacham. “He came in with digital imaging and explained every bit of the procedure. I get a little bit nervous about procedures and surgeries and things like that, but since my surgery, I have not had any complications. I’ve been all grins and giggles.”

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“At the end of the day, we want our patients to be happy with their smile,” said Arauz. “With this technology, we can perform dental implantations with more accuracy and precision, which will help our patients recover faster and smile sooner.”

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Jacksonville periodontist performs surgeries, procedures using FDA-cleared robot