Jacksonville periodontist office goes purple for Dental Assistant Recognition Week

JACKSONVILLE, N.C.— Carolina Dental Specialty Center, a Jacksonville-based dentistry specializing in periodontics, is celebrating Dental Assistant Recognition Week by decorating their office and attire in purple, the unofficial color of the dentistry profession.

Additionally, Dr. Jose Arauz, founder of Carolina DSC and a board-certified periodontist, is gifting his dental assistants with notepads, keychains and more to commemorate his appreciation for his staff’s diligence.  

“Dental Assistant Recognition Week every year is a well-deserved occasion that I look forward to celebrating every year,” says Arauz. “I cannot thank my staff enough for the hard work, dedication and care each dental assistant in my office shows their patients. I could not ask for a better group of professionals.”

“It is really nice to be appreciated in an office I have only been working with since November,” said Tyler Kiefer, dental assistant with Carolina DSC. “The notebooks and socks will be something I use while performing my daily tasks, they are so cute.”

Held during the first full week of March each year, Dental Assistant Recognition Week was established by the American Dental Assistant Association (ADAA) to recognize dental assistants and the impact they have on the dental industry. 

According to ADAA, the theme for 2022 is “Dental Assistants: Passionate About Our Patients, Dedicated to Our Profession,” and acknowledges the growing importance of dentistry’s role in health care and the responsibilities of dental assistants.

The official symbol of dentistry incoporated the color of lilac in 1897 by the National Association of Dental Faculties, which signifies compassion and inspiration.

Jacksonville periodontist office goes purple for Dental Assistant Recognition Week