Jacksonville Dentist Helps Put the ‘Plan’ in Dental Implants

Dr. Jose Arauz shares financial planning advice for patients considering dental implant surgery in 2022

As people finalize their list of New Year’s resolutions, some may be considering investing in a new smile for 2022. While that may mean a teeth-whitening session or wearing plastic aligners, others may require dental implants to correct imperfections, which can be costly. With that, Dr. Jose Arauz, a Jacksonville periodontist and founder of the Carolina Dental Specialty Center, is sharing tips to help others financially plan for a new smile through dental implant surgery.

According to the National Institutes of Health, smiling more often helps reduce the body’s response to stress and lowers the heart rate in stressful scenarios. When those who are less confident in their teeth smile less, their body reacts less favorably to stress, causing high blood pressure and other health complications, which can lead to a decrease in life longevity.

Aside from aesthetics, dental implant surgery can help to prevent and eradicate periodontal diseases that can lead to more serious conditions, such as cardio-vascular disease (CVD), diabetes and even preterm births, according to Arauz. 

While choosing to have a healthier and happier smile seems simple, treatment plans like dental implant surgery can be expensive, sometimes costing $30,000 per arch, making it difficult for most to pay by themselves or all at once.

“We understand that not everybody can write a check that will completely cover their dental implant surgery, but that doesn’t mean getting implants is an impossibility,” said Arauz, a board-certified periodontist practicing in Jacksonville for the last 14 years. “There are several financial options that patients can explore to give them the smile they want and regain their confidence.”

Arauz and his clinic recommend patients explore the following financial options when considering dental implant surgery:

  • Dental Insurance. Patients exploring dental implant surgery as a treatment option should consult their clinic about who their in-network dental insurance providers are and what the process is for filing with out-of-network insurances. Be sure to request a pre-treatment estimate for services to submit to your insurance company before undergoing any major treatments.
  • Dental Loans. Dental loans are a particular type of personal loan meant to pay for medical expenses. Compared to generic personal loans, some dental loans offer lower interest rates, different term lengths or higher borrowing amounts. Dental loans are often unsecured loans, meaning that the policyholder does not have to put up collateral to the lender to get a loan. Credit companies like CareCredit, LendingClub and GreenSky, which are all accepted by Carolina Dental Specialty Center, offer various plans to match individual needs.
  • In-House Payment Options. Some practices offer various payment arrangements to help patients pay for their treatments without a third-party financial provider. Because each patient and case is different, those looking to work out a payment schedule should consult with their dental care provider about what payment plans are available for them.

For more information on various treatment plans and payment options, visit our Payments & Benefits page.

Jacksonville Dentist Helps Put the ‘Plan’ in Dental Implants